Hydrating Moisturizing Mask (10 pcs)


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Feature: Moisturizing, Moisture-Locking

AROMA WOMAN Hydrating Face & Neck Mask formulates with natural Lavender and Chamomile, moisturizing into the deepen layer of dehydrated skin and prevents skin from roughness. The Orange strengthens the skin texture and keeps your facial skin silky and elastic.


Key benefits:

  • Lavender calms the skin, minimizes pores, adjust the proportion of water and oil containing in the skin to balance, leaving your skin moisturized and refreshed.
  • Orange makes the skin tender and radiant.
  • Chamomile restores conditioned skin and maintains skin elasticity. It helps to lock the moisture in your skin and improves skin smooth and firmness.
  • For normal skin. The Hydrating Facial Mask can be used as oil-control mask. Its strong moisturizing and anti-aging function energize your skin with nourishment and elasticity.


Lavender, Orange and Chamomile Essence Extract.


*The mask is easy to use. Recommend to shake or rub the pack before open it until the essence extracs totally absorbed. Have the serum being soaked well. On a clean face, after tonic lotion, apply a sheet of mask on the face and neck and wait for 20 minutes until essences totally being absorbed. Please follow normal skin care processes after use.


* Avoid direct sunlight, please store in dark, cool place. Please open the pouch right before using it.


* If allergy or unfavorable reaction appeared, please wash out with a large amount of water and please stop using or consult with the professional.

*Please don’t reuse the mask.

*Please keep away from children.

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