Sweet Dream Shower Milk


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Key benefits:Lavender calms the skin, minimizes pores, adjust the proportion of water and oil containing in the skin to balance, leaving your skin moisturized and refreshed.

Orange makes the skin tender and radiant.

Ginger stimulates blood circulation, and the skin retrieves refreshment and firmness.

Cypress adjusts the oil secretion of your skin, prevents the production of acnes and pimples, and firms the skin. The itching problems irritating your skin can be released and calmed.

For normal skin.

Ingredients:Lavender, Orange, Ginger and Cypress Essence Extract.

Directions:Pour proper amount of shower milk on a bath sponge or hand, apply generously all over the wet body and rinse off.

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, please store in dark, cool place.

Warnings: If allergy appeared, please wash out with a large amount of water and stop using.

Please avoid eyes contact when used. If contacted with eyes, please immediately wash eyes with water.