aroma-Scent Story-“Orchid Trail” 200ml


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Ingredients: Phalaenopsis, Neroli, Lantana, Lemon Essential Oil, Coconut Oil, Plant Extract

How to use: Put the diffuser stick into the bottle and slowly absorb the diffuser oil to release the natural fragrance. Please use in a well-ventilated place during use.

Capacity: 200ml

Preservation method: For environmental fragrance only. Do not add water or oil to destroy the formula.
Because it is made of glass, it can be avoided by children, which is dangerous.

1. Please consult relevant professionals before using this product for pregnant women.
2. If you accidentally touch your eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
3. Do not use the product on wounds, swelling and abnormal skin.
4. For people with sensitive skin, please perform a sensitivity test on the inside of the wrist before using it without any irritation.
5. If allergies occur after use due to differences in personal constitution, stop using them immediately and consult a doctor.